Homeless Youth Resource Center Updates

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Here’s all the latest scoop on what we have been calling the drop-in center. To avoid confusion with the adult drop-in centers in town, we’re using the name Homeless Youth Resource Center until the kids pick a name for the center.

Work Day #1: is Saturday November 19th 9-3. More info here:

Items still needed for the center:

Target Wishlist


Pool Table for Drop-In Center

Food for Drop-In Center Work Day

Paper Goods for the Drop-In Center

Cleaning Supplies for the Drop-In Center

Needs List for Drop-In Center (Larger Items)

If you can help with any of these items or if your church or business would like to host a donation drive or “angel tree” please email

After this Saturday’s work day, the contractors will be in there working hard to get everything ready for us to move in later in December. The target move-in date and community work day is Dec. 17th, 2011. More info on that work day here:

And last but not least, a HUGE thanks to some of the many people working hard to make all of this happen!

Volunteer Kansas

Bauer & Son Construction

A&H Electric

Meadowland Fine Remodeling

Wichita Children’s Home



Our Efforts Stay Local

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A few months ago we were asked to be part of an event in Kansas City that we decided to decline. Through our partnership with ASERCA the decision was made not to participate in this particular event.

Today, a news story was brought to my attention about the event:

The organization is said to be planning to issue a statement soon.

I wanted to take this opportunity to remind our supporters that EVERYTHING that ICT S.O.S. does stays local. We work with local organizations in the Wichita, KS area that are directly serving victims and at-risk youth. All donations are made directly to local agencies and all in-kind donations of items such as clothing, supplies, etc. go directly to these agencies as well.

Right now, ICT S.O.S. is completely volunteer and has no overhead costs. As we continue to grow, that may change but the local focus will not.

For a list of some of the agencies we work with, or to make donations directly to them, please visit the Support Our Mission page.

As services and agencies close down, the need is greater than ever for kids in our city. The weather is getting colder and donations are down at most local agencies. If you are considering a gift before the end of the year, PLEASE consider giving locally.

Some immediate needs are listed on our Volunteer Opportunities page.


Work Day #1- November 19th, 2011

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**Edited: Please note the change of date for this event!


Our first work day at the drop-in center is coming up soon!

Saturday November 19th from 9-3 we’ll be cleaning out junk, moving some items to storage and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning! All to get ready for the BIG community work day coming in November.

To sign up, please visit our friends at Volunteer Kansas and register as a volunteer.

Then, sign up for the event here:

The work day will be from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm but you do NOT have to commit to the whole day.

We’ll be cleaning up inside and outside so bring your work gloves. Wear work clothes and bring some elbow grease!

The idea behind this work day is to create a “blank slate” to start from for the BIG work day!

And speaking of that day…we still need LOTS of people to fill out the Resource Development Form with info for businesses and groups may be interested in helping. Letters will be sent out next week. We won’t stalk them or harrass them, just a letter about the project with an invitation to join us!

It’s crunch time!!

October Meeting Wrap-Up

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Tonight’s meeting was held at the future drop-in center location at 11th & Emporia.

In addition to sharing meeting time and space with the Homeless Youth Coalition, our group met separately to discuss the progress of our 3 action committees.

Resource Development is currently working on preparations for the community workday at the drop-in center location. Other topics covered were t-shirt designs, a spring awareness event, documentary screening and several donation drives for local agencies. We will also be adopting the older girls of Carpenter Place for Christmas. An ongoing need is for people to fill out the Resource Development form in preparation for the drop-in center project.

Education & Training is working on a “Train the Trainer” program to train speakers to make presentations in our community. A training date should be set by our November meeting.

Legislative & Policy is currently working on a contact list of state representatives and a form letter and phone script for contacting them with regards to human trafficking issues.

Over the next month we will have a LOT of activity. Please be sure to sign up on the left to receive our email updates.

Watch for a story on tonight’s KWCH newscast about ICT S.O.S. and the upcoming Human Trafficking Converence.


Homeless Youth Daytime Drop-In Center

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So, what is this drop-in center project we keep talking about? If you were at the September ICT S.O.S. meeting you got to see the space firsthand. But if you haven’t been there yet- here’s a sneak peek.

The Good Neighbor Center at 11th & Emporia will soon be transformed into a space for Wichita’s homeless and at- risk youth. It doesn’t look like much now but with some help and a whole lotta elbow grease, we’re going to turn it into something amazing!

Let me give you the tour:

The above photos are of the main room. This will be where the kids have their Thursday night group, meet with Street Outreach staff, work with mentors, and do other activities. The window in the lower photo goes to the kitchen. We would love to see that space transformed into a countertop area with barstools for a sort of “teaching kitchen” use. The general feel and vibe for this room will be reminiscent of a cool coffee shop. Sort of industrial but comfy. Bar height tables and stools, smaller seating areas scattered throughout and personalized touches.  Maybe a chalkboard wall or an area for the kids’ art to be displayed.

Moving right along on our tour:

Pardon the mess! This room will become a couple of things. See those floor to ceiling shelves? Hello…library! This will also be an art room. The cabinets, counters and sink are perfect for supplies to create masterpieces! And the one thing the kids have really been asking for is what they call a “comfort room”. A place of solitude. Peaceful, quiet, and serene. An escape. A place to sit quietly and get lost in a book or have a quiet conversation with a trusted mentor.

Follow me please, to the next space:

This room, I believe, will become office space and storage for Street Outreach. All the clothes, food and supplies will be warehoused here to give out as needed as well as desks and equipment for the Street Outreach team.

Moving along:

Welcome to the kitchen. She’s not pretty but she has good bone structure. A little facelift would do wonders. Spruce up the cabinets, sassy new countertops, a fresh coat of paint. The big triple sink is a huge bonus. What a great space to teach kids how to cook for themselves. Or how about a church youth group coming in to bake Christmas cookies to decorate and share? Pizza for a Superbowl party?

Next on our tour:

OK, you’ll really have to use your imagination here. One of the huge bonuses of this location is that it has 2 bathrooms…with showers! One for the guys, one for the gals. Mr. Clean will get a workout in here for sure. The building also has laundry facilities. They will have 2 washers, 2 dryers and detergent for a year when they open. How amazing would it be for a kid who has been sleeping on the streets to have a hot shower and a clean set of clothes to put on? Uh-mazing!

One more stop on the tour. Let’s step outside:

 This is the area behind the building. It is enclosed to the street so the kids will have an outdoor space that is clean & safe. Some outdoor seating would a great addition to the existing basketball court.

So there you have it. This is the “before” of what can and WILL become and amazing “after”. And the hope is that this place will be the “before” to some amazing “after” stories for Wichita’s kids.

So now I know you’re asking HOW do I get involved?? You can start by filling out the form on our Resource Development page. We’ll be contacting possible donors & volunteers in October. Or email To see more of these photos, check out our Facebook page.

August Meeting Wrap-Up

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Thanks to everyone who was able to make it.

Big thanks to Youthville for presenting and Glenn Park Christian Church for hosting!

Notes from the meeting are available on the Meeting Notes tab.

If you haven’t joined our newsletter yet, please take a moment to do that!

And- if you or someone you know would like to help with future projects, including the drop-in for homeless youth…PLEASE fill out the Resource Development form!

August Meeting

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Our August meeting is coming up!

Tuesday, August 9th at 6:00 pm. Glenn Park Christian Church.

More info here:!/event.php?eid=120480468046106

We will have speakers from Youthville and we are collecting school supplies and backpacks for the kids at Youthville as well.

More info on that here:!/event.php?eid=221540384556026

I have a few new people to introduce to the group, some ideas for projects we can start on right away and an update on where things are with the drop-in center.

Street Outreach staff visited a drop-in in Kansas City this week and I know they are fired up to share what they saw and learned up there!

Bring a notebook, bring a friend, and if you’d like- bring a snack to share. This will be a productive meeting for our group!!



June Wrap-Up

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Wow! June was a busy month for ICT S.O.S.!

The Freeze Mob started off the month in a big way. It created a great buzz for ICT S.O.S and sent lots of people here to the site to learn more.

Pat Moyer’s interview for Impact kept the conversation going.

Our group met June 21st for the second time since we formed. Gracepoint Church was our gracious host and we had a great turnout. Each committee drafted certain goals for their group to work on. Our next meeting will be July 12th at Kansas Masonic Home. The EMCU officers and Karen Countryman-Roswurm will be providing training for our group as well as anyone else who would like to attend.

June 22nd Stacie and I attended the ASERCA Roundtable meeting as representatives from ICT S.O.S. The action committee members from that group will be joining us at future ICT S.O.S. meetings as their appointed committee meeting time. We’re so excited about this partnership. It will truly join the professional community with the general public volunteer base to create change!

Sunday June 26th, the Wichita Polo Club hosted a benefit for ICT S.O.S.  A portion of the ticket sales will go to the Wichita Children’s Home to help fund the opening of the Street Outreach team’s new daytime drop-in center for homeless youth. Check out to see lots of pictures of the event!

ICT S.O.S. was also featured on KAKE TV’s This Week In Kansas on Sunday June 26th.

If you have been wanting to join a meeting or an event but haven’t been able to- We would really encourage you to try and make it to the July 12th meeting. I know the training that will be presented will be invaluable to anyone interested in helping to stop sexual exploitation and human trafficking in our city.

And if you or your business, church or other group would like to be more involved- please visit the Resource Development page and fill out the form there.