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Look For The Helpers in 2021

An ICT SOS Podcast

Look For The Helpers: An ICT S.O.S. Podcast- Episode 10

Look For The Helpers: An ICT S.O.S. Podcast- Episode 10

July 6, 2020
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Our Executive Director Jennifer White sat down virtually with Wichita Police Department Chief of Police Gordon Ramsay to talk about the changes that have already happened, are happening now, and still need to happen within the police force and the Wichita community produce positive changes.

Chief Ramsay was appointed as the Wichita Police Chief in January 2016. Since arriving in Wichita, he has focused on pushing officers closer to the communities they serve, building relationships, increasing the use of technology, and reducing crime. He has successfully worked with our community to create Wichita’s civilian review board and focuses on de-escalation, communication, and tactics to lower use of force incidents.

Read more about Chief Gordon Ramsay.

If you would like to hear the Chief's Response to:

    • The murder of George Floyd 
    • Defunding the Police 
    • Diversity in the police department
    • His predictions for the next 5 years in policing

Please listen to this KFH Radio Interview with Chief Ramsey

Interview with Wichita Life ICT:

You can also read the City of Wichita Response to the Community published on June 25th.

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Current community programs:

Fighting Against Human Trafficking

ICT SOS is a grassroots non-profit, founded in Wichita, whose mission is to connect the organizations who work directly with victims of human trafficking with members of the community who are compelled to help. Through this link, our community has an outlet to donate items, raise awareness of the sex trafficking issue and educate our children about safety. Contact us today to learn how to help. Or check out our get involved page to find out how to help the victims of sex trafficking.

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