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June 2011

Immediate Donation Need

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UPDATE: Thank you to Volunteer Kansas for donating 2 brand new locking storage cabinets! Stay tuned for info on how we can fill them with supplies!

Our next donation drive will focus on supplying the EMCU Officers with the supplies needed to help the kids they deal with. Right now, a lot of times they will get clothing, shoes, hygiene items etc. from other agencies. We want to help stock them up with some things to keep on hand at their offices to make things easier on them AND on the kids who are already in trauma mode when they are brought in.

But first- we need a couple of locking storage cabinets. If you work for a company that has surplus or if your church or group would like to go in together and purchase new (or used) ones, please contact us ASAP at

Maybe something like this:

June Wrap-Up

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Wow! June was a busy month for ICT S.O.S.!

The Freeze Mob started off the month in a big way. It created a great buzz for ICT S.O.S and sent lots of people here to the site to learn more.

Pat Moyer’s interview for Impact kept the conversation going.

Our group met June 21st for the second time since we formed. Gracepoint Church was our gracious host and we had a great turnout. Each committee drafted certain goals for their group to work on. Our next meeting will be July 12th at Kansas Masonic Home. The EMCU officers and Karen Countryman-Roswurm will be providing training for our group as well as anyone else who would like to attend.

June 22nd Stacie and I attended the ASERCA Roundtable meeting as representatives from ICT S.O.S. The action committee members from that group will be joining us at future ICT S.O.S. meetings as their appointed committee meeting time. We’re so excited about this partnership. It will truly join the professional community with the general public volunteer base to create change!

Sunday June 26th, the Wichita Polo Club hosted a benefit for ICT S.O.S.  A portion of the ticket sales will go to the Wichita Children’s Home to help fund the opening of the Street Outreach team’s new daytime drop-in center for homeless youth. Check out to see lots of pictures of the event!

ICT S.O.S. was also featured on KAKE TV’s This Week In Kansas on Sunday June 26th.

If you have been wanting to join a meeting or an event but haven’t been able to- We would really encourage you to try and make it to the July 12th meeting. I know the training that will be presented will be invaluable to anyone interested in helping to stop sexual exploitation and human trafficking in our city.

And if you or your business, church or other group would like to be more involved- please visit the Resource Development page and fill out the form there.

Busy Week!

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Tuesday, June 21st– ICT S.O.S. Meeting 6pm at Gracepoint Church.

Sunday, June 26th– Watch for ICT S.O.S. on Kake TV’s ‘This Week in Kansas’ at 9am.

Then, join us at noon at the Wichita Polo Club for a match to benefit the Wichita Children’s Home’s new daytime drop-in center for homeless youth.

Behind the scenes: I’ll be meeting with the staff of the Wichita Children’s Home as well as Volunteer Kansas to begin planning our community work day for the drop-in center. If you know businesses or groups who would be willing to donate time, labor, materials or supplies please email!

I’ll also be attending the ASERCA roundtable, our sister group. More info at Tuesday evening’s meeting about how we’ll be partnered with them.

Hope to see lots of you at this week’s events!

Polo Match Rescheduled

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Due to water on the fields from all the recent rain, today’s match had to be cancelled. That’s the bad news.

The good news is now we have 2 more weeks to get the word out! The new date is June 26th.

Spread the word. Let’s pack the polo fields with ICT S.O.S. supporters and raise some money for our kids!

A portion of every ticket sold will be donated to the Wichita Children’s Home to help open the new daytime drop-in center for homeless youth. This will help with the cost of remodeling & decorating and purchasing supplies, furniture, etc.

So…the more tickets sold, the more money raised, and the better the drop-in center can be!

River Festival Time!

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The next week or so is going to be BIG for ICT S.O.S.

If you’ve signed up to help with the Missing Children’s van, the latest schedule is here:

Riverfest Schedule

If you need to make changes or if you would like to volunteer and you aren’t on the schedule yet, please email ASAP!

The FREEZE MOB is taking place June 9th at 5:30ish. Be on Douglas near the bridge at 5:30 and wait for the signal. Be sure to watch the video in the previous post for all the scoop!

Hope to see lots of faces out there!

PS- Stay tuned for info on a fun event with the Wichita Polo Club soon!