WHY we do it

When all of the hoopla first started for the donation drive, I got a Facebook message that absolutely solidified for me that we were doing the right thing. In fact it brought me to tears when I read it. With the permission of the person who sent it, on the condition on anonymity, I'd like to share it here.


I think what you are doing is absolutely wonderful. When I was a homeless teenager, Street Outreach was the only organization that ever tried to help me. I have long since lived with the mistaken view that Wichitans care little for the homeless community. Thank you so much for proving me wrong!

I knew it was important to raise awareness in the community. I hadn't thought yet that what we were doing might bring a message of hope to kids living on the street that might hear about our efforts. As important as funds and supplies are, HOPE is even more important. If we can show these "invisible" kids that we know they're out there and we're fighting for them...maybe we can give them a little hope. Hope that they're not forgotten, that they're not bad kids, that they're not unwanted or unworthy of love. What a gift that would be!