Volunteer Roundtable

Want to be a part of real change? Want to roll up your sleeves and get to work? Want to DO something?

Here's your chance!


ICT S.O.S. is hosting a Volunteer Roundtable on Tuesday May 17th at 6pm at Mead's Corner (Douglas & Emporia)

This meeting will cover topics such as the mission of ICT S.O.S., an outline of the agencies who are currently involved in the fight against human trafficking & sexual exploitation, an outline of current needs and opportunities, and a chance to brainstorm other ideas.

The goal of this meeting to to identify several core categories of need and create committees led by a chairperson for each category. Each person should leave this meeting having plugged in to one (or more) committees with a clear goal to move forward on a specific topic.

The last few minutes of the meeting will also include a short briefing for any volunteers planning to help with the EMCU RV during Riverfest. Those volunteers will be asked to stay, others will be excused to go if they wish.

This will NOT be a meeting to sit around and talk...this is a meeting about DOING! Bring a notebook, any amazing ideas and all of your talents. We can't wait to see what this group can DO for our community's most vulnerable members!