Our First Meeting: Success!

This is the email that was sent out to attendees of tonight's meeting. If you were not at the meeting and would like to be added to the email list, please send your info to info@ictsos.org and I'll add you.

Hello Everyone!
Thank you SO much for taking time out of your busy schedules to make tonight's meeting a priority. I hope that you got something out of the discussion and that you feel like you were able to plug in. I have set up the Facebook group:

ICT S.O.S Facebook Group

I will compile the notes from all the committees and get them out soon. In the meantime here's some action items from tonight's meeting:

I did not get the contact list from the Outreach Committee- can someone send that to me? (Nancy?)

EMCU & WCH- Please compile a wishlist of items that the fundraising/donation committees can start working on gathering for you.

EMCU will be presenting training for our volunteer members at a meeting June 21st. (Location TBD)

Facebook Event Page for the next meeting/training.

Sara Zafar is going to create a draft of a mission statement for everyone to review and have input on at our next meeting.

I will be meeting with Karen Countryman-Roswurm next week.

Please add yourselves to the facebook group. I will have to approve members so that we can make sure we're keeping a handle on who is seeing the info we'll be posting.

I will compile a list of each committee's members and the committee heads. If you would like to switch, add, or lead a committee other than what I have you listed for, let me know! I want to make sure everyone is serving where their talents and passions are!

I would like everyone to bring a list with them to the next meeting of possible donors/volunteers/partners that may be able to help with immediate needs for the drop-in center.

If there's anything I've forgotten, please let me know! I'm so excited to see where we can go with this. I KNOW we can change our city.