Meet Our Newest Team Member!

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Lisa Brown

We are very excited to have Lisa Brown joining our team this fall semester as a practicum student from Wichita State University! Here are a few words from Lisa:

I graduated from Derby High School in 2008 and I am studying Health Services Management and Community Development at WSU. I graduate in December. I’ve worked at the McConnell Child Development Center for the last five years and its the best job ever. I love working with children and helping people. I did a small service learning project with you guys last fall and really enjoyed it and thought that ICT S.O.S. would be a good site to complete my practicum at. I also look forward to working with you guys this next semester and can’t wait to learn more about the organization.

Lisa will be helping with the Race for Freedom, Rock the Market and several new projects we have up our sleeves. She will also be giving some feedback and suggestions on how we can make ICT S.O.S. even better! We’re excited to have her on the team and looking forward to getting to work!!

It’s YOUR fault! (And mine…)

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I woke up angry this morning.

How does someone “throw away” a kid? When did it become ok to let “The System” raise our children? And why do so many of them fall through the cracks?

I keep hearing people say, “The System is broken.” Yep, sure is. Guess why? Because it’s run by broken people in a broken world. There isn’t a perfect system for raising children who are given up, taken from drug-addicted parents, or removed from abusive homes. There isn’t a perfect system for raising kids in a loving home with two doting parents, a dog and a white picket fence. This world isn’t perfect.

So whose fault is it? Whose responsibility is it to fix “The System”?

It’s yours. And mine.

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New Human Trafficking Legislation Passed!

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A little over two years ago there was a human trafficking case profiled in the Wichita Eagle. The case involved a 13 year old victim. Her story was the catalyst for ICT S.O.S.. Today her story helped to change the laws in our state. Written and verbal testimony given in support of this bill cited her case along with other recent cases and research provided by local and national expert, Dr. Karen Countryman-Roswurm.

The Child Advocacy Center, Wichita Children’s Home, DCF, Attorney General and District Attorney’s offices all provided support for the bill along with others, including ICT S.O.S..

The bill passed the House today with a vote of 120-0 in its favor. Next, it will move on to the Governor for his signature.

This is not the end but a great step in the right direction. There is so much more work to be done but so many exciting things on the horizon. The Child Advocacy Center is looking to expand their services to victims, WSU will launch a new institute to combat this issue through research and education and our community efforts will continue to grow with this year’s conference, Race 4 Freedom 5k and Rock the Market concert.

Thank you for writing letters, calling and emailing your legislators. Thank you for spreading the word and mostly, thank you for caring.

Join us this Tuesday April 9th for our monthly meeting. We’ll have thank you cards to fill out for our Representatives as well as a letter to Governor Brownback urging him to sign this bill into law. We meet at 6pm at Mead’s Corner on the second floor. More info HERE.

Let’s take this victory in and keep on fighting!