Wichita is #5? What’s THAT all about?

If this is your first time here at ICT S.O.S.- Welcome! Take a look around and get to know us.

If it IS your first time to visit, you’re probably here because you saw a bunch of weirdos standing frozen on the Douglas Street bridge with STOP written on their hands. Here’s why:

Wichita IS #5. Ok, we established that, so what does it MEAN? It means that we’re #5 in originating cities for human trafficking in the U.S. That means our city’s kids are being trafficked out of here to be sold for sex or labor in other areas. And it happens right here in our backyard as well. Just read today’s Wichita Eagle!


ICT S.O.S. was formed in response to this issue and we’re gearing up for BIG things in our city. We teamed up with Mead’s Corner to create today’s Freeze Mob to draw attention to the issue. Now that we have your attention, there are some things you can do to help!

First- add us on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter. 

Also- Check out the trailer in the sidebar for Trade in Hope to learn more about the issue.

Next- Join us Sunday June 12th at the Wichita Polo Club’s benefit match. Proceeds will go to the Wichita Children’s Home toward opening a daytime drop-in center for homeless youth.



Then- Join us Tuesday, June 21st at 6pm for our next community meeting. We’ll meet at Gracepoint Church. You can RSVP through Facebook here:


This will be a big meeting for our group! We’ll be discussing our role in the drop-in center project. We’re planning a HUGE community work day to get the space spiffed up and ready to open. You won’t want to miss this!

Finally- Tell others. Spread the word that Wichita is not OK with seeing our children sold into sexual slavery. Write to your legislators, post on your facebook, email backpage.com and tell them to take down their escort ads- especially those of girls they KNOW are underage! This problem continues to grow in secret and in darkness. Shine the light on it, shout it, don’t let it stay hidden.

If you took the time to visit this site today, you’ve already started the process. Help us keep our kids safe. Help us support the EMCU, Children’s Home, Child Advocacy Center, Youthville, and other agencies working to fight this problem. We CAN make a difference. It has to STOP!

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